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I Think, Sometimes I Dream

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Lynette Aspey, Writer

Stories, and Other Things

While I’m busy with life and work in the pipeline, some of my short stories are available sale online. Just click on the pretty covers below to find out where.

Every now and then, my Muse feels a need to flash her fiction. These stories are usually from my Dark Side and while I sometimes find them troubling, they are still the children of my mind and so will always have a home here.


Musings, essays and reviews.


Stories for sale online

Short'n Free

Quick reads, from the Dark Side

Fiction for Sale

Work in Progress

Truth, and the Cosmologist

51% Complete
9,000 of 17,500 words

Wurrawana Station

28% Complete
22,000 of 80,000 words
Magic Realism

The Dark Backward

Short Story
40% Complete
3,000 of 7,500 words
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