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Having made the decision to post my stories directly to an aggregate distributor (Smashwords), instead of the traditional magazine and publishing channels – for reasons outlined in ‘Infrequently Asked Questions‘ – I found myself doing what I’ve not done in a very, very long time: a marketing plan.

Marketing. It’s a word that brings back memories, and few of them are pretty.  My decision to embark on a marketing career all those years ago could be seen in the same light as a vegetarian serving in a butcher’s shop. I am as ill-suited to traditional marketing (is there such a thing?) as my life-style choices are to traditional publishing.

Nevertheless. I have know-how and experience. Like the vegetarian selling steaks, I might not like it but I know how to do it – (and will, if it earns me a buck). Why then, do I find myself – weeks down the line from my start-up – with only three short stories posted, grappling with a many-headed monster while trying not to drop the baby?

A haiku for every mood: Soy Sauce Carnival

The thing I want to do most – write stories – is waaaay down the to-do list. I keep trying to micro-manage my priorities and time to bring it to the top, only to discover another day has slipped by doing … stuff like this … or reading blogs on how to do it better … or wondering why my daughter has dropped off the radar …

My Marketing Plan, with its neat bullet-points, lies in tattered shreds amidst the leaves of a vast internet forest, where I’m clapping madly, with one hand.

…. or I’m procrastinating. Maureen Johnson, who’s much younger and smarter than me, (dammit) reckons that’s just all part of the job:  Writing as a Profession - This website is for sale! - extensionfactory Resources and Information.

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