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At home, at sea

In the ‘real’ world, I occupy a space belonging to a person called Lynette Aspey.

I’m happily married to a big, burly, lovely bloke called Steve. I have a beautiful daughter who is my treasure. We live cheek-by-jowl on a rusty sailboat that exists in its own weird dimension. Long ago, we optimistically named her “Haven”.

Crew: catch 'em young, train 'em early.

Juggling family and staying afloat – in every respect – helps me to explore the full range of physical endurance and emotions … while providing fertile ground for colourful expletives, euphemisms and metaphors.

I am an Australian on a perpetual walkabout. I drink (too much) beer. I am an inveterate daydreamer – my imagination is populated by the phantastical.

Oh, yes, and I write – sometimes an idea turns into science fiction, fantasy, slipstream or a story for kids. There’s no definite category for my writing except one: it’s all make-believe.

The writer, at large

I am deeply grateful for the developments in digital media: finally, my life-choices and imagination have found a medium through which I can share and, quite honestly, earn a buck or two.

So, I travel and I write. Life intrudes, in the best possible ways, and I have finally discovered in myself a willingness to throw my dreams into the social network and let them find their own place, in time and space.

And this is my blogsite/window to the world. Welcome! - This website is for sale! - extensionfactory Resources and Information.

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