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When Katie was about three years old, we took a rare car trip. It was too windy for her and she asked me to “launch” the window. (We had just put our boat back into the water and she’d been hearing that word quite a lot. Her use of it in this context was an excellent example of language adaptation.) The point being – she got her message across.

I was reminded of that moment only this morning, when Katie (who has recently turned eight) came in for her morning cuddle and debrief on yesterday’s social highlights.

The big to-do in my daughter’s current circle is that of her nine-year-old friend, who has decided to ‘delete’ her boyfriend.

“Poor kid,” muttered Steve. “In my day you were ‘dumped’.”

Exactly – another word for the same-old, same old.

Admittedly, this was before I’d booted-up on my first cup of coffee and I believe I missed some of the details. However, the snapshot is that this soon-to-be expunged young man had taken to posting (too many) “i luv u” messages on her friend’s noticeboard and she has become tired of it.

Lyn woz here, circa 1975

Hang on. Aside from anything else, the girl with her finger poised so prophetically over her keyboard is nine and she’s already acquired a social networking platform? Wow. I was impressed. The extent of my public presence at that age was an agonisingly rendered, (badly scrawled), heart and initials on the back of the washroom door at Newport Beach.

So, I guess she’s not going to give him the courtesy of a polite note, something like: “i dont luv u.” He just gets the flick from her friends’ list.

Where’s the art in that?

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