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I’ve finally decided to go the e-publishing route and suddenly find myself slip, sliding and scrabbling along yet another steep learning curve. 

I’m very happy to have Exhalation and Sleeping Dragons up on Smashwords. Small steps, but gratifying.

The list of stories that have been lurking in the lockers for all these years will finally find the light of day, clearing the deck for those new stories that are even now crowding my mind and waiting their turn.

Violent squalls on the horizon

Now that the decision to ‘go for it’ has been made, I’m finding that indie-publishing is a very exciting, hands-on experience. I’ll explore this more as I go along, but for now, it feels a little like a birthday party.

Weather prognosis: calm now, squalls on the horizon! - This website is for sale! - extensionfactory Resources and Information.

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