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History, love and betrayal comes full circle

Ah! Sea, sailing … and yum, some of that too, and an author who — while she’s been published for many years — is a recent discovery for me.

Christine Kling writes boating adventures and she knows her stuff. This is not just someone who sets her stories on the water; the settings and situations are informed by real experience. I have to say, it’s hugely refreshing.

–and fun! Kling can write one hell of yarn.  First introduced via one of my Facebook groups, I came across a copy of “Bitter End“, (#3 in her Seychelle Sullivan series about a mystery-and-troubled-plagued female tug-boat captain operating out of Fort Lauderdale), which was  good enough for me to go out and buy  her new-ish Caribbean adventure, “Circle of Bones“.

What lies beneath?

I don’t think you need to be a salty reader to get a kick out  of this tale. Set around the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, it weaves together the story of a young woman, Maggie Riley, an ex-US Marine and sailor who is escaping her hurts; a true historical mystery, and a sinister, good ol’ boy society.

Maggie is solo-sailing her 40ft yacht the “Bonefish”,  anticipating a new job and the opportunity to put her past behind her, when she encounters a naked man swimming a few miles offshore. Savvy Riley knows that his “story” is, to put it bluntly, bollocks. Wrapping one of her floral sarongs around his waist and looking dangerously cute, doesn’t change that, no siree, not one bit.

It is a lot of fun to read a book set in an environment you’re familiar with. It adds an extra dimension — a shared experience — which is what writing is, after all. Personally, I can vouch for the veracity of Maggie’s concerns and experiences as a sailor, but there is plenty else going on to rock this boat!

The only characters that I found difficult to believe in were a couple of side-show villains.  Having said that, I will admit to laughing out loud once or twice at their antics, but only momentarily … they’re just plain naaaasty.

Welcome Aboard!

If you’d like to read a mystery and something of a thriller with a bit of romance, certainly not overdone, in a beautiful setting, then grab yourself a copy of one of Christine’s books.

I’ll be looking forward to her next Caribbean adventure. - This website is for sale! - extensionfactory Resources and Information.

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