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I still remember drawing this – over three decades ago!

I decided to pull myself out of the funk left over from last year. I’m not going into any details: if I do, I’ll never get on with it.

So, moving forward!

My resolution is to do one thing every day that makes me happy, excited – passionate – and just plain thrilled.

Today, that one thing involved rediscovering a cache of stories I’d written when I was the same age as my daughter is now – and realising that in them, I had the kernal of something special.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, I thought to myself, to rewrite this story.

“Between the Broken Hills” was quite an undertaking and completely absorbed me for months.  Spanning the period of time between the arrival of the 2nd fleet to Sydney in 1790 to around 1860 with the arrival of the first explorers and pastoralists to the region of Broken Hill (North Western NSW) – it was an ambitious project for a kid.

And  now I can’t wait to get back inside my own head – it kind of time travel and hugely self-indulgent.

How proud I was when I wrote the last words in this story. I can’t wait to revisit that moment.

Moreover, I have an intriguing protagonist for the beginning of the tale – the only new character in this story: a little Aboriginal girl, who witnesses the escape of some horses from the early days of Sydney’s settlement and follows them on their journey.

She has a reason to escape, as do they.

The girl and the horses are on the run from a big bad future.

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