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Indie Publishing – a hard slog, often alone, all uphill.

To be an independent publisher means you are, by nature, willing to take risks and aware that, for most of the time, you’ll be hauling a heavy load by yourself.

Dario Ciriello created Panverse Publishing because he is at heart an explorer, and what he was seeing in the mainstream was entrenched paradigms and formula instead of true speculation.

Through Panverse, he hoped to encourage and support those writers who – like himself – were willing to take their writing away from the beaten path. The result is an award-winning publishing label with a clear mission: to go where few have been, and bring back “Story” and “Wonder”.ย 

Possibility, choice and consequence

To add to this challenge, while nurturing other writers, Dario has been working on his own body of work. With two novels under his belt (Aegean Dream and Sutherland’s Rules), Dario can now add an eclectic and stylishly written collection of short stories.

Free Verse and Other Stories” contains six of Dario’s short stories, each of which is exploratory in every sense of the word.

These stories reflect Dario’s fascination for questions of ‘what if’ and explore themes of humanity and the ties that bind us through alternate and parallel universes, dilemma and challenge.

I’ve always loved the short-story medium. I also understand, very well, the challenge a writer faces when trying to share a vision. To do so successfully – where every story has merit and character – is a great achievement. Moreover, when we read stories crafted from the writer’s personal Dreaming, we become part of something greater than ourselves.

Dario’s stories are excellent examples of this. Consider:

  • What if every possibility manifest itself as a unique timeline, entwined and bundled like electrical cabling? Imagine yourself able to travel these timelines as easily as an electron moving through a circuit — until, that is, an old enemy decides that the universal garden has become unruly, and overdue for a prune.
  • What would you do if you found yourself an unwilling stowaway onboard a hijacked spaceship, about to take an inter-stellar jump away from every person you know and love?
  • Explore the dilemma of Schroedinger’s Cat from a uniquely feline perspective, as an AI housed in the body of a cat contemplates quantum indeterminacy and the continuation of its existence, outside the box.
  • Imagine discovering that the Universe not only has a mind, but that you can speak to Her, until, that is, the exploratory ship you’re on probes the mystery of what lies beyond.
  • For a change of pace, share a satirical ‘publishers’ moment with Dario: for a perfect world-building recipe, just add creativity and stir.
  • What would you do if you discovered that you could dance across infinity in perfect disguise – your alternative selves – and what would you sacrifice to set such potential free?

If these ideas appeal to you and you’re looking for stories that are off science fiction’s beaten track, there’s a good chance Dario Ciriello’s Free Verse and Other Stories is for you. Enjoy.


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