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Progress! I have a story. It’s really, really short but it’s complete; a rounded sort of story that doesn’t occur to me that often.

The Stone Disciple” came out of a workshop weekend (which I will write more about in due course when I have time) and represents the fruits of a rare and precious moment when an idea emerges as fast as it can be written, revealing itself at the end to be a story complete.

What a lovely sensation that is – and one I hope to have more of!

Of course, I can see the problems with punctuation now but for the first time I’m not obsessing over those details. This is the first really new story that I’ve had in such a long time that I feel like celebrating. I’m grateful that Steve, the editor at 365tomorrows enjoyed it too, enough to pop it onto his website the same day he received my submission.

Chuffed? Of course I am. Click here to read it for yourself – The Stone Disciple - This website is for sale! - extensionfactory Resources and Information.

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