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Harassment and the angry woman

There was a series of Twitter posts today that recounted the story of a person, having boarded a train, sat down and started to read from her phone. Another passenger comes up, “Hey, baby…”. She doesn’t engage, just gets up and moves....

Notes to Self: The Writing Reboot

What does it really mean to ‘re-start’ a creative journey? If like me, you’ve thrown yourself into the deep end and sunk, more than once, there’s likely to be a great big question mark against trying again. After many years, I’ve finally...

Story, Wonder and Free Verse

To be an independent publisher means you are, by nature, willing to take risks and aware that, for most of the time, you’ll be hauling a heavy load by yourself. Dario Ciriello created Panverse Publishing because he is at heart an explorer, and what he was seeing...

One thing, and make it happy

I decided to pull myself out of the funk left over from last year. I’m not going into any details: if I do, I’ll never get on with it. So, moving forward! My resolution is to do one thing every day that makes me happy, excited – passionate –... - This website is for sale! - extensionfactory Resources and Information.

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