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When Elaine Ashton’s father brought back a beautiful egg-shaped rock from Vietnam as a gift, he told her it was a dragon’s egg. He didn’t expect it to hatch a gorgeous black-haired baby.

From that moment, Elaine and her Dad knew that someone would come for Ryan and they must let him go. For how can one lonely man and his daughter raise a child of dragons?

Format: Short Story.

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Good short stories are like small gifts: but each gift may be different. This is a well-written, gripping story, enjoyable to read, satisfying in its conclusion, but the real gift here is the promise of something more. I couldn’t read this story without thinking of the best novels from Tim Powers—contemporary fantasy that succeeds both as magical fantasy and as mimetic literature. One can’t help but connect on a sensory level with the plight of the characters, and with that connection comes the desire for more.

This is the kind of short story that you want to sink into for the duration of a long plane ride, or a day at the beach. Sadly, it doesn’t last nearly that long.


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