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We are all someone’s child…

Orphaned as a child by a near-extinction event, Beth is now a feral teenager, scavenging amidst the decaying urban no-man’s land sandwiched between the City, with its deadly technologies, and the encroaching wilderness.

Beth expects her life to end brutally. What she discovers, at the very edge of survival, is hope.

Format: Short Story


The brute straddled my chest. Its head came down—

I felt hot, moist air on my face. Death-thoughts toe-jammed their way into my head and I discovered that terror tastes like snot and smells like dog-breath.

I wanted it over quickly. I’d been running from this moment for as long as I could remember and now that it had come, I felt numb. I thought of my sister, of how much I missed her.

The animal huffed and shifted its weight. It took me a long while to realize that I was still alive. When I finally opened my eyes, it was staring right back at me through eyes the colour of liquid honey and captured sunlight.

My hand itched for a knife.

The animal snorted in my face, snapping a little just to make sure I understood, and then it backed off. Suddenly, all I could see was the clear arc of the sky. It was a beautiful day in the ‘burban wilderness and my enemy was sitting on my legs.


Great story about survival, courage and companionship in an apocalyptic world.

Lynette captures the tension and fear of life as a ‘feral’, scraping a living with nothing more than wits and luck. Then along comes a chimera – killing machine or friend? Highly recommended.

Steve Jackson

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